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C&P Sports offers youth participants the opportunity to receive football training in the UK and learning tailored to middle and high school education at the same time.


C&P Football Academy Education


launched a football academy program for domestic football youth who want to grow into global talents by experiencing and acquiring the English football program as their final goal to advance overseas. By establishing a systematic learning and training system located in the UK, we signed an agreement with the football academy that provides education suitable for middle and high school education along with football training to prepare a foothold to grow into a professional player.

C&P Sports will lead the way from the UK's local football academy, which has produced numerous youth players, to become a player playing a major role in the European football team or an expert in the football industry.

Special Services

1. Venue

UK local soccer academy (including accommodation and amenities)

2. Schedule

Regular recruitment

3. Participants

13-19 years old

4. Participation conditions

Those who have been admitted after the Academy and online test

4. Participation Fee

Those who have been admitted after the Academy and online test

5. Participation Fee

Please inquire

6. Services provided by C&P Sports

Guardian Service
Athlete Management

1. Identify the team’s season schedule and plan customized training for each period

2. Analysis of personal skills improvement and counseling with parents after the academy ends
– Consultation after detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses and a report on improvement of ability for each exercise area based on the meeting with the Academy Director

3. Analysis of individual strengths/disadvantages after attending/watching at the Academy team game
– Personal ability improvement table and parental equivalent

4. Intensive training tailored to improve personal skills during vacation time (additional cost is charged depending on parents’ wishes)
– Vulnerability reinforcement and specialty development

5. Provision and management of information on additional activities related to the Academy
– Communication with your team

6. Individual career counseling
* After the prospective camp training is over, only participants who have the potential to develop as professional soccer players will be tested with the coaching staff of the club and then test for the academy.

• If you have the sufficient capacity to become a professional soccer player
– Providing a trial opportunity to join the club academy
– Search for and decide a club that suits the characteristics and skills of youth players
– Determine whether to debut as a professional player through discussion with the club

• If you wish to enter a general/soccer/sports related major
– Provide career consulting so that you can select a major that suits your aptitude
– Provides overall care service for youth players

Learning Management

1. When participating in parent meetings, detailed interviews with the teacher in charge and analysis of learning achievements

2. Vacation time, customized class assignment and management to improve learning ability (additional cost incurred depending on parents’ wishes)

Life Management

1. Guide and manage passport and visa documents

2. Flight ticket reservation and ticketing according to the academy schedule

3. Car, accommodation reservation and travel information provided when parents visit

4. Providing student use history-additional expenses outside the service list, pocket money, school classes, etc.

5. Record and report photos of academy team matches, event participation, and activities (if parents wish)

7. Schedule

The schedule below is an example
Morning Lunch Dinner
Monday Football Training Football Training Football Training
Tuesday Curriculum Learning Curriculum Learning Rest and Recovery
Wednesday Football Training Football Training English Lecture
Thursday Curriculum Learning Curriculum Learning Curriculum Homework
Friday Football Training Football Training Curriculum Homework
Saturday Watching a Match Curriculum Learning Free Time
Sunday Free Time




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