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Eldons C&P Solicitors serves as the best legal representative with a wealth of experience spanning sports marketing and law, providing all legal advisory services to clients.


With over 35 years

of extensive experience and know-how, Eldons C&P Solicitors provides legal services for all sports industry contracts, including transfers, media, sponsorships, commercial contracts, copyright and portrait contracts, and more.

Introduction of our business

Services for Sport
Services for Brands

Intellectual property

It is very important to protect intellectual property owned by customers, such as portrait rights, and to strengthen their rights. Eldons C&P Solicitors provides and advises intellectual property holders of services and legal frameworks, including discussions on the extent of protection or the optimum degree of protection.

Brand Management

To maximize your brand marketing strategy, you need a global perspective. Eldons C&P Solicitors has a wealth of domestic and international brand management experience and legal know-how to sign attractive sports marketing partnership agreements that reflect the brand's core values ​​and strategies.

Investment and corporate disputes

Eldons C&P Solicitors offers top-notch legal services to resolve legal issues or disputes faced by companies in dealing with sports clubs. We provide efficient legal services that minimize risk factors while establishing optimal strategies and reflecting the maximum profits to customers along with investment advice for companies' local sports clubs/leagues.

Content copyright

Content distribution is very important in the modern society based on social media. Eldons C&P Solicitors helps customers make the best decisions about how to buy or sell sports digital content, providing ongoing advice and customer care for the demanding sports digital content field.
Services for Media

Corporate advertising contract

Sports media is an effective advertising vehicle that provides high brand exposure. Eldons C&P Solicitors conducts various advertising promotion contracts to companies through a wide network of European sports circles.

Sports media copyright

Eldons C&P Solicitors represents media copyright agreements in the European sports world, negotiating contracts to maximize profits for companies wishing to purchase.

Sports right

The sports broadcast industry has a highly competitive structure. The rich experience of Eldons C&P Solicitors ensures efficient budget management and performance for companies seeking a relay right agreement.