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The Foundation’s football coaching programme for schools in South Korea gets underway

Run in colaboration with C&P Sports Group, it’s designed for Global Education Ministries (GEM) centres.

The Real Madrid Foundation’s Annual Football Program in collaboration with C&P Sports in South Korea has finished the initial phase with almost a hundred students taking part in the GEM schools in the towns of Munyeong and Sejong.

Since 2017, the Foundation’s Football Program has been run with schools around the world, with sports development playing an important role in the school’s academic curriculum.

Unveiled last May, the programme in South Korea has had a Spanish coach trained by the Real Madrid Foundation in the educational methodology of technical and tactical development and education in values, characteristic of the Foundation’s clinics, guiding the rest of the coach educators.

Sporting improvement
The coaching programme targets school children who already play football and the objective of the school is the sporting development of the pupils. The children taking part are between 12 and 17 years of age and on this occasion, the Football Programme started with 90 participants in 7 training groups in Mungyeong and Sejong.


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